Opening Dates for South America Ski Resorts

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The start of the 2020 ski season in South America could soon be here thanks to recent May and expected June snowstorms dropping powder in the Andes resorts of Chile and Argentina. However the COVID-19 pandemic stands in the way.

When Do Ski Resorts in South America Open?

As a rule of thumb, ski resorts in Chile and Argentina generally open in mid to late June. When autumn brings earlier snowfall, some resorts open as early as the end of May. On a good ski season, resorts remain open into late September to mid-October.

UPDATE: May 28, 2020

Will Ski Resorts in Chile and Argentina Open Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

The big question for 2020 is if the South America ski resorts will open and operate due to the current Coronavirus pandemic. 

Chile Resorts

12 Chilean ski resorts are a part of the Asociacion de Centros de Ski de Chile (Chile Ski Resort Association). The association of the 12 resorts has developed protocols on how they can operate ski lifts, cafeterias, lift ticket sales, etc during the Coronavirus pandemic. This plan was presented to the Chilean government in May. 

The plan includes operating with restricted access (at least 50% less than a normal ski season), 1 person per ski lift chair, proper distancing while in lift line, limits to number of skiers allowed in the resort cafeterias, and sanitation policies.

If approved and allowed to open, the ski resorts have set a potential opening date for July 1, 2020. 

Corralco and Pucon ski resorts are currently under pressure by local municipalities not to open. Stay tuned.

Argentina Ski Resorts

Last week, 2 Argentina ski resorts announced they will not open for the 2020 ski season. Las Lenas and La Hoya. See the post about Las Lenas decision here.

Other ski resorts in Argentina are still currently planning on opening if given the green light by the government. However more uncertainty exists compared to Chile.

Argentina is currently under one of the strictest quarantines. International and domestic flights have been closed through September 1st. While these restrictions can and may be changed, at this point it is too early to tell.

One thing is for sure. If the resorts do open there will be very strict safety guidelines and protocols.

2020 Opening / Closing Updates

We are updating for 2020 as information from the ski areas arrive. The opening dates depend on government regulations due to COVID-19 and of course snow and weather conditions. Bookmark this page to check for updates as the season approaches.

Opening Dates for Chile Ski Resorts

El Colorado
:  TBA
La Parva: TBA
Valle Nevado: TBA
Portillo: TBA
Nevados de Chillan: TBA
Corralco: Unlikely to open due to disapproval from local municipality. Updates coming soon
Arpa Catskiing: TBA
Pucon: Unlikely to open due to disapproval from local municipality. Updates coming soon
Antillanca: TBA

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Opening Dates for Argentina Ski Resorts

Las Lenas
: Will not open 
Chapelco: TBA
Cerro Bayo: TBA
Catedral Alta Patagonia: TBA
La Hoya: Will not open
Cerro Castor: TBA

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